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...Without Spending 10-20 Years of Your Precious Time Searching for Answers, and Countless Thousands of Hard Earned Dollars To Do So!

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From: Max Eberle

Date: Thursday 8:30 am




Hello My Friend,

While playing pool have you ever experienced the frustration of one or more of the following experiences?

  • Missing too many shots
  • Not knowing where the cue ball is going
  • Inconsistency in your play, stance, & alignment
  • Your body interfering with your stroke
  • Not being sure how to position your feet
  • Not knowing where your eyes should be placed over the cue
  • Not having a solid bridge or not knowing how to grip the cue with your grip hand

And once you get something that at least feels good for the moment you are faced with questions like:

  • How do I aim to make my shots and what do I look at when I shoot?
  • How do I still make shots when using side spin (english) on the cue ball?
  • What path does the cue ball exactly take and how do I control that?

Finally you search online or around town at pool halls for how to

  • Get a great draw shot (back spin) working
  • Follow the cue ball like a pro
  • Execute complicated spin/stroke shots like a master
  • Run the table in 8-ball, 9-ball, 14.1, 10-ball and more
  • Break like a champion and there's much more to learn


We've all been frustrated with our game at one time or another... Most players out there run into some kind of road block in their game and just seem to plateau at the same level for years if not decades.  Slumps are a normal part of improvement and everyone's gone through them, including myself.

Yet there should always be light at the end of the tunnel and if you put the time in, you deserve to keep improving.  Most pool players though, don't have the luxury of playing with and learning from a top player through their formative years as a player.

One option some players take is to pay for lessons from a local "certified" instructor.  This may help to a point, but what are the real chances that local coach really has the chops to take you where you want to go?  If your'e lucky, maybe you'll have one nearby.  The truth is that even on a global scale, finding a great coach is not easy.

And then there are DVD's on the market, but even after seeing everything out there I've heard many players are still left looking for the secrets that will really elevate THEIR game.

16 year old Max with the great legend Willie Mosconi in 1989

Even the World Champions had to figure out the secrets and it took them years of looking and trying out different things until they found the answers they needed to win more and put food on their table and gas in their car...  I've spent decades figuring all of this out and testing it against the worlds best players, and as a result I've beaten 16 world champions and dozens of famous top pros, taught hundreds of players one on one, and put this essential knowledge into an almost 5 hour long program called Powerful Pool World Class Fundamentals The Seven Primary Skills, for you to get there faster...

And Then It Hit Me!

With The Powerful Pool DVD Set and all the detailed lesson videos I've produced since 2009 that have truly helped players in dozens of countries dramatically improve, I HAD TO create the ultimate resource website for players just like you who don't have a top player/coach to guide them, so that you could learn what you need from me, from any location in the world!



Pro Pool Academy Logo 3-4
Pro Pool Academy is the ultimate pool training website. 

In it I teach you everything from the fundamentals, to how to play the games, to becoming stronger mentally so you can win when your are supposed to. There are several video series in the modules, it's for beginner, intermediate, and advanced players who want to improve, and you can expect improvement when you start implementing the techniques, drills and knowledge that you'll learn in the site.

It is delivered as online video inside the members area of the site.  There are 7 major modules plus resource areas and bonuses.  It is all delivered instantly.

Module 1:

Module 2:

Module 3:
Game Strategies

Module 4:

Module 5:

Module 6:

Module 7:
Pro Match Videos


"Please keep supplying me all your valuable information so that I can continue kicking some more a__."

Hi Max,
Before I started with your lessons I was playing pool but was not being consistent with my game. I started being frustrated and confused because I am very competitive and I would go home being very disappointed. I decided, after taking your video lessons that I was going to practice what you preached and going over those lessons each and every day.
Max, I want you to know now when I play it’s enjoyable and the guys I play with can’t understand how my game has improved. I run the table many times and it’s a kick to see their faces when I do that.
Please keep supplying me all your valuable information so that I can continue kicking some more a__.
God Bless,
Tom Mitchell

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Here's a detailed look at what you will get access to as a Lifetime PPA Member:

Module 1:

Every great champion has rock solid fundamentals.  Even if they look a little unorthodox, there are certain things all the greats do that contribute to their successes on the table day in and day out.  I've been blessed with great coaches in this area and have created the industry's leading course on the subject, Powerful Pool.

I wonder if you realize just how important specialized knowledge on fundamentals is to your pool game?

Suppose you could reap the benefits of working with one of the sport’s best ever professional players and coaches, and get the rewards of their years of hard earned knowledge and experience, without spending thousands of dollars and traveling the globe.

Consider this…

Champion pool players have better fundamentals than everyone else.

Most players never make it beyond a certain point in their game, until they get the proper guidance from the right person. Without this, you could easily stagnate at one level for years on end, or get frustrated with spotty improvement and inconsistent results.

You see the best player in your region and on TV and they make the game look so easy. Almost like they were just given some special power at birth to pocket balls and get the cue ball to land where they want almost every time.

It looks like they pretty much invented pool…but when you get to the point where it really counts, they can’t tell you a single thing that makes any sense for you. Do you know what I mean?

Yes, some of them won a bunch of tournaments. Maybe it was skill, talent, luck, or just perfect timing…who knows? You have seen them run out in videos and learned all their shots, watched them in tournaments…and yet you are left going back to the reality of your own game, handing over too many games and matches you know you could have won, and still you don’t know exactly what to do or how to really take your game to the next level…

So you keep practicing on what you think might be good and experience flashes of improvement yet there always seems to be that sticking point that’s hard to get past unless you just have one of those “ON” days by sheer random luck or chance, then it’s back to normalcy.

  • Powerful Pool System (4 hour 40 min run time):  World Class Fundamentals, The Seven Primary Skills
  • Super Stance & Super Solid Bridge
  • Super Stroke & Eagle Eye Aim
  • Sudden Stop, Devilish Draw, Fantastic Follow, & Putting it all Together
  • Pre-Shot Routine Video Series
  • Zen Pool Video Series

Here's What You Get Inside the Powerful Pool System Video Sets
(same content as DVD Set)

  • Detailed coaching on Stance, Stroke, & Bridges
  • 10 different aiming systems to suit your style
  • World Champion level coaching on Stop, Draw, & Follow Shots
  • How to put it all together and much, much more!
  • Boatloads of proven techniques and ideas that you can use right away
  • Easy, clearly explained, and to-the-point methods
  • Powerful actions that “Pool Superstars”Perform every day at the table
  • Drills and approaches to finely tune your skill as it advances in the program.


Powerful Pool Video Set 1:
Skill 1- Developing The Super Solid Stance Essential for Success

  • The similarities between pool and other sports
  • The important relation between your stroke and your body
  • How to set up your stance for an effective stroke
  • How to keep your body out of the way of your stroke
  • The components of a super stroke
  • Where to put your back foot
  • The all important vertical plane
  • Powerful foot positioning
  • What direction to face your body
  • How to naturally stay balanced in your stance
  • How learning from golf can help your pool game
  • How having the balance of a football linemen can help you play pool well
  • How not to “chase” the cue ball.
  • Simple methods to enter your stance with perfect alignment and balance
  • Why to get your center of vision on the stroking line before you are in your stance
  • How knowledge of body mechanics can improve your opposite handed game 200%
  • How to take advantage of your arm joints to create an automatically straight stroke
  • What does a pool throwing motion look like?
  • How to get your center of vision on the stroking line
  • What ties together your stance, stroke, and aim
  • How to consistently set up the perfect distance for you from the cue ball every shot, and be balance.
  • Guideline on where YOU should grip the cue for the best stroke
  • How to create the perfect stance
  • The power of upper body alignment mastery
  • How to get a good setup when the tale is in your way
  • How to stretch as far as possible with good alignment.

Skill 2:  Creating Super Solid Bridges

  • How to get more versatility out of your bridge
  • Step by step how to form the most effective bridges
  • What NOT to do with your bridges
  • One simple thing you can do with your thumb to make your bridge twice as solid right away.
  • How to create more stability in your bridges
  • Multiple variations of the standard bridges
  • Where to put the pressure in your bridge hand
  • How to adapt your bridge to fit multiple situations.
  • Insider pro secrets on making bridges
  • What not to do with your bridge arm wrist on elevated shots
  • What making bridges should have in common with sign language.
  • When to practice your bridges
  • Bridging like a champion when the cue ball is near the rail
  • A choice insider secret to NOT miscuing when cue ball is on or next to the rail.
  • How to achieve a longer back swing even with cue ball near the rail.
  • How to use the “heel” of your hand to become extra solid.
  • How to make great bridges even when lots of balls are in the way
  • How to get EXTRA height out of your elevated bridges
  • Why being like a spider is good sometimes even if you are not “The Black Widow”
  • How to be ready with your bridge before its even on the table
  • What to do when the cue ball is different distances from the rail
  • Bridges for breaking from the rail or the table with POWER
  • Adapting in “funny spots” around the rails & pockets.
  • How golf can help your break.
  • Using the mechanical bridge aka rake aka granny aka rest

Skill 3:  Developing & Delivering a Super Stroke

  • How to make your stroke straight, smooth, accurate & consistent
  • Champion’s secrets of he basic stroke vs. Max’s Drop The Elbow Stroke
  • How to easily add six inches or more of length to your stroke
  • How to get more cue ball action with less effort out of your stroke
  • How to control your cue when dropping your elbow
  • How to start your stroke coming down the stroking line to begin with
  • How your backswing is vitally important to your stroke
  • Insider secrets for developing your stance and alignment
  • The KEY to pulling back straight on the stroking line
  • Why you need to be a scientist and an athlete
  • What to look at and why on your back-swing
  • Exercises and Drills for developing a devastatingly straight stroke
  • How to adjust your backswing to fit your desired spin & power
  • What not to do with your grip hand during your stroke
  • Insider champion secrets on a great grip
  • What not to do with your grip hand
  • At least four different grip options that are effective and can fit into your style
  • The purpose of the warm-up strokes and how to achieve rhythm
  • How the practice strokes and waggle in golf are similar
  • Drills to create a straight stroke and “dead on” center ball hit
  • How to adjust your backswing for the speed of your shot
  • Max’s ultimate drill to supercharge your stroke for maximum use
  • What key components go on the stroking line

Powerful Pool Video Set 2:
Eagle Eye Aim
Connect Your Body To The Shot

  • How to become a pool shooting machine
  • How accurate aim testing comes only after building solid fundamentals
  • How to improve with scientific precision
  • How missing helps you improve…if you are paying attention
  • Well guarded secrets of world championship aiming
  • 10 powerful, accurate, and effective aiming techniques
  • How to find and hit the contact point
  • The geometry of shot making
  • How playing like a child can teach your brain about how to aim
  • The difference between the contact point and the stroking line
  • The basic yet elegant geometry of aim up to intuitive aiming secrets of the champions
  • Why and how all roads lead to Rome and where is Rome on every pool shot
  • How to simplify the ghost ball to it’s basic powerful core
  • What to look at during your stroke and backswing
  • What the most important spot on the table is and how it can balance you in your stance perfectly every time
  • How to combine aiming systems to beat your competition
  • Training aids to improve your aim
  • Fifteen time world champion Willie Mosconi’s aiming system revealed
  • Aiming with X-Ray vision
  • How you can develop the consistency of the world’s top shot makers
  • How fractions can help you aim
  • Shot making tips and drills
  • How to beat your problem shots and make them your best friend
  • How to practice like a pro and actually master shots
  • Progressive shot making drill theory to master all the angles
  • How side spin affects your aim and how to accurately adjust so you still make the shots
  • How to learn aim adjustments
  • A simple cheat-cheat to automatically and accurately adjust your aim for deflection
  • What kicking a soccer ball can teach you about aim
  • How the ghost ball moves when you use side spin

Powerful Pool Video Set 3:
Stop, Draw, & Follow Mastery
Skill 1: Sudden Stop

  • What the most important shot in pool is for cue ball control
  • How to make great stop shots at all different distances and speeds
  • The physics of a stop shot
  • How the cloth affects the spin of the cue ball and how to use that understanding to win games and matches
  • Demonstrations of creating top, stop, and draw action
  • The timing you need for all stop shots
  • How to vary where you hit the cue ball and still get a stop shot
  • Long range stop shots
  • Why the stop shot is so powerful for your total game
  • The exact angle the cue ball travels after contact with the object ball
  • How to predict cue ball direction
  • How to stop the cue ball anywhere on the tangent line
  • Making caroms to win games
  • How the angle affects your cue ball speed down the tangent line
  • How to “shape your shots” or cue ball routes
  • Why to plan a route on thin cuts
  • How top and bottom spin affect direction off the tangent line
  • How to manipulate friction to your advantage
  • When left and right spin affects cue ball direction
  • How to improvise

Skill 6:  The Draw Shot
Lessons That Shook Up The World

  • What your stroke needs to have to get good back spin on the cue ball
  • Common pitfalls preventing a good draw shot
  • Basic stroke draw vs. drop elbow draw
  • The important components of draw
  • Insider pro secrets on getting great back spin
  • A champion’s guide to developing awesome draw shot speed control
  • How to properly control your grip hand
  • How one backswing adjustment can double your power
  • How to draw with open hand bridge
  • How not to scooop the cue ball
  • Drills to super charge your draw power, speed control, and accuracy

Skill 7:  The Follow Shot
What "They" Don't Want You To Know

  • How the follow stroke is different from the draw stroke
  • How to hit the ball high enough to achieve real top spin
  • How to master extreme spins
  • How and why to achieve a level stroke on your follow shots
  • Two major types of follow, how to execute them, and why
  • How to keep the object ball on line with speed…still controlling the cue ball
  • Follow drills to explode your skill!

Bonus Section:
Putting The Pieces Together

  • How to draw with the cue ball 1 inch from the object ball
  • How to synchronize your eyes and stroke like a champion
  • How to aim like a sniper
  • Max’s powerful system on aiming and setting up
  • Where to keep your eyes focused as you drop into your stance
  • When and why to pause during your warmup stroke sequence
  • Powerful drills to help you finish your stroke and be as solid as the champion you are
  • How to cure yourself of jumping up too fast
  • A powerful drill to develop your stance set up and instincts
  • Developing your concentration
  • Making shots with your eyes literally closed
  • The best cure for jumping up too early
  • Take away attachment and get in touch with your stroke
  • How to build trust in your stroke

"Your DVD set was the best money I ever spent on pool instruction"

Hi Max,
I loved it and would definitely like to see more!  I will certainly share with others.  Keep up the good work.  Your DVD set was the best money I ever spent on pool instruction.steve-register-150x150

Which I have had for more than a year now.  It has been a big help to me in both my game and instruction.  Thanks again for all you have done to help bring my game back.  I love all the videos you send.

Steve Register

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Once you get a better grip on becoming solid in your fundamentals, we go deeper in to aiming to bring all that power to life on the table...

Module 2:

Even with great basic techniques mastered, you'll still need to know exactly HOW to direct that smooth powerful, accurate stroke that you've developed.  In this module I teach the same aiming methods that I've learned and many I've developed to help me beat 16 World Champions and win hundreds of tournaments...

A Decade Ago in Southern California...

One day I realized how to harness my instinct for making shots into a consistent method of pocketing balls even on super tight equipment!

Inside Module 2, you'll discover...

  • My Stop, Drop, & Shoot Aiming Method
  • My patented Spot In The Pocket Aiming Technique for added accuracy
  • The "Mosconi-Method" Aiming wisdom from the 526 ball run world record holder
  • 10 Eagle Eye Aiming Methods from my Powerful Pool System to help you exponentially increase your SHOT-MAKING prowess!


"Your lessons are inspiring..."

Hey Max,
You are truly an inspiration to me for improve my game each and every day. Your lessons are inspiring and I look forward to receiving them when ever they are sent. I wish you could have been with me last Wednesday.
My game was right on and I could hear the guys that I was playing making remarks like “do you think we will get back on the table the way Tom is playing”? I also heard that I really work on my game, and that is because of you who has given me instruction on how to play this wonderful game of pool.
God Bless You my friend,
Tom Mitchell


Now lets start using our abilities to win games...

Module 3:
Game Strategies

Learning the strategies and decisions of someone who can get it done already is integral in your development as a player.  In this module I walk you through dozens of racks in the main games out there today...

  • a 9 ball9-Ball Runout Strategy Course
  • a 10 ball10-Ball Runout Strategy Course (Includes Think & Run Out DVD)
  • a 8 ball8-Ball Strategy Course.  Philosophy and Pattern Play
  • a 15 ball15-Ball Rotation Runout Course
  • a 14 balla one ball14.1 Straight Pool Course


"Eberle teaches pool in great detail"

dustin-ragsdale-150x150"The people that made those products know how to PLAY pool themselves, but Max Eberle TEACHES pool in great detail and I would greatly recommend any aspiring champion to make one more small investment in their game."

Dustin Ragsdale


Knowing what to do is great, now keep yourself fit in mind and body to make it happen in reality...

Module 4:
Mind/Body Optimization

Keeping up in today's ultra competitive pool scene means getting every ethical edge you can to help you win.  The best players today are health and fitness conscious and this helps their winning percentage.  Be on the winning column more often by thinking right and taking care of your body!

  • Super food recipes  to help you feel incredible in mind and body
  • Suggested reading to help your mental game get rock solid
  • Exclusive audio content to help your mental game
  • Life hacks, Workout tips and tricks, plus supplement recommendations to help you enhance your performance and simply win more.

In 2008 in a cab to the tournament venue in Taiwan with Efren Reyes he told me...

"When I feel good, I win!"


Now that I've completed this module, what will I have, and what's the next logical step after that?

And now the backbone of your improvement in both shot-making, cue ball control, and discipline...

Module 5:

Making your shots should become automatic, and command of where the cue ball goes is reserved for the few disciplined players out there who are willing to have the right philosophy and put in the necessary time, effort and energy into working on that all important white ball...

  • Hall of Famer "Cowboy Jimmy Moore" Drill
  • Legendary Leonardo Andam Drill
  • Cross The Center Drill Series
  • The 3 Rail Drill, Half Table 15-Ball Drill, and many more...

"Since your drills...I've improved my game by a lot."

"What’s up Max! That’s pretty motivating what u sent! I’d say since your drills and all that you’ve sent me, I’ve improved my game by a lot."

Module 6:

Learning how to bank is critical in many situations.  First you must learn how the cue ball reacts with the object ball upon collision and how this effects the direction of the object ball off of the rail.  Speed, Angle, and spin are all factors in making your calculations.

  • Center Ball Banks 101.  Philosophy and execution examples.
  • Banks demo video to help you get in the banking groove
  • Buggs Rucker bank shots and more good videos

Module 7:
Pro Match Videos

It's important to watch the pros in action as you develop your game.  You can learn from what they do right, and do wrong.  Plus the commentary can hold gems of information and entertainment that will help you improve your game.

max eberle espn 4

  • Hand picked videos from youtube and Max's archives.  More being added.

Instant Bonus 1:
Zen Pool Ebook Download

zen pool book 3d max eberle

Complete 172 page ebook with photos and diagrams.  Whether you're a seasoned veteran or complete newbies have gotten benefit from this book. It is one of the best selling and most highly reviewed pool books in the world since 2006 and has helped players around the world improve their game!

  • Learn the basics and advanced technique found only here
  • Learn how to play and win with a positive attitude
  • Learn how to make great comebacks and win more often
  • Learn secrets of World Champions garnered from decades of friendship and playing against them!

"I Love this book!"

“I love this book!  It has improved my game by two balls”

"I always read it..."

“Zen Pool” is not as wordy like some other pool books available in the bookstores here. I always read it when my game isn’t going my way. It also motivates me and gives me a reason to improve on my game everyday.”

"I can see where a play might jump a level or TWO"

“Max is able to put clearly into words what it takes to get to higher levels by grooming better thoughts and techniques.  Using Max’s tips, practicing his approach, andIntegrating it into your routine, I can see where a player might jump a level or two.”

Chris Tate
Pool Table Sales
Los Angeles, CA

"This is a must have book..."

“This is a must have book for all levels trying to improve. Love it!”

"Your book was just what I needed!"

“Your book was just what I needed.  I met my old adversary again last week in a league match. Thrashed him 8-2. A close friend, who is also a very good pool player asked, “How the hell did you do that?” “Zen Pool”, I said.”
United Kingdom

"Book is worth much more!"

“Got so much from this book, went on to be mentally strong and that translated to the physical part of the game. Book is worth much more!”

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Instant Bonus 2:
10 Keys To Playing Consistent Pool Instant Pdf Download


Instant Bonus 3:
Zen Pool Audio Book Complete CD 1, MP3, One Hour Download

This is CD number 1 from the recently released 3 CD Zen Pool Audio Book.  Listen online or download it and listen on your favorite device.  So far many people have reported great results about this audio book!

If you're ready to stop missing too much and turning the cue ball loose...

If you're ready to become a rock solid shot maker with great cue ball control...

And if you're ready to win more matches and tournaments, then pay attention because I'm ready to help you get what you want.

You won't need a bunch of copied theories that have not been proven...
You won't need to travel the world in search of answers...
You won't even need to scour YouTube and sift through all the bad advice...

When you join Pro Pool Academy right now...

Here's Everything You'll Get Instantly,
As Soon As You Join the
"Pro Pool Academy"
Online Training Course...

Online Training: 7 Modules
Module 1: Fundamentals.  Learn how to correct your stance, bridge, stroke, aim, stop, draw, & follow.  Complete Powerful Pool Videos $99. Pre-Shot routine video series $97.  Zen Pool Video Series $89 $285.00
Module 2: Aim.  I have yet to find a "one size fits all" aiming system.  I've learned many over the years and have at least 12 of them in here.  Sometimes one just clicks with a student and they get to making more shots right away $97.00
Module 3: Game Strategies
Learn how to run the table like a pro in 9-Ball $47, 10-Ball $59, 8-Ball $69, 15-Ball Rotation $47, & 14.1 Straight Pool $89.  In these video series I walk you through my own run outs and explain what I'm doing and why.
Module 4:  Mind/Body, learn how to optimize your performance to win more during your career $47.00
Module 5: Drills
Learn powerful practice drills so you can accelerate your improvement on a daily basis.  These drills will improve your stroke, shot-making, and cue ball control.  They'll help you stay down on your shots and teach you discipline on the table.
Module 6: Banks
Learn one of the main secrets of banking that 99% of my students never knew till I showed them.  Use physics to your advantage, miss less, and make more banks!
Module 7: Pro Match Videos
Watch and learn from Max in action during real pro matches against the best players in the world.
Time Limited Bonuses
Bonus 1: Complete Zen Pool pdf eBook $19.95
Bonus 2: 10-Keys To Playing Consistent Pool pdf download.  Consistency is extremly important, get the edge working in your game. $17.95
Bonus 3: Complete Zen Pool Audio Book, CD's 1, 2 & 3 of the Zen Pool Audio Book in MP3 format.  Listen online or Download and burn a CD to listen while driving to your next event!  1 hour run time each audio file. $29.95
Included Today
Commenting & Community: discuss the training with Max and other members in the comments area $197.00
Video & Audio Training: available 24 hours a day $197.00
Member Only Product Discounts: view special member only product reviews discounts for pool cues, products, and accessories $197.00
Dashboard: easy-to-follow and find modules from the home page members only dashboard $197.00
Lifetime Access: come back 24 hours a day forever $497.00

Total Real World Value Today:

Your Price Today:
Just $97

And It Comes with This 30-Day
"No Questions Asked" Guarantee!

If you can't improve your knowledge and skill within the next 30 days, I demand you fire me as your online pool coach and get your refund.

But I'm confident you'll stay in, you'll implement my proven systems, and you'll send us a testimonial telling us how much more you've accomplished on the pool table after finding us and taking this training.

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